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Monday, February 9, 2015

"I'm Squeezable" Valentines {& Candy-Free Valentine Round-Up}

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My one year old daughter loves these fruit pouches. So when I was s hopping at Smith's (our local Kroger store) and saw this new item of  "I'm Squeezable" applesauce pouches, I immediate thought they'd make adorable valentines (you could easily use any other apple sauce pouch, like GoGo Squeeze or any other brand).  My 4 year old is having a Valentine party for her preschool this week and I thought these were perfect. I'm all about a valentine that doesn't have any candy involved. I figure kids get enough candy that this "healthy" little applesauce snack/valentine was just what we wanted to give this year. Anyone else with me about the too much candy? Or am I just a grump about it?  

Anyhow, since the packaging said, "I'm squeezable" and thought that was too cute and had to incorporate it into a little tag for the fruit pouch.  

These were super simple to make - and should be even more so for you since I have included a free printable. :) I printed the tags on some Kraft card stock and then my daughter and I glued them on to some colored card stock and punched holes in the top and tied them on with some twine.  Simple and fast, and NO CANDY! :)  Below you can find links for a color and black and white version of the printable. 

We left the back blank so my daughter could write TO: and FROM: to each of her preschool pals.  I love her cute, big handwriting!  

Here is the COLOR version of the Printable 

Here is the BLACK & WHITE version of the Printable

Here are some other Candy-Free Valentines that I've found recently and loved. Enjoy!

Christine, from I Dig Pinterest had a fun bunch of homemade Valentines last week, and I especially loved her Perler Bead Valentines.

These could be made candy free if you just put some lipstick on your 
kid and let them kiss the paper instead of using kisses candy.  

You are the Apple of My Eye Valentines (from our blog)

I'm a LUCKY DUCK to have you as a friend from Formula Mom

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  1. Stop by Fabulous Friday and share another cool post like you did at my last party. The squeezable valentine was very cute that you shared last time. Maria