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About Us

About Leesh and Lu

[Lu and Leesh with our kiddos that are 5 days apart in age]
Photo Courtesy of Stephanie Hyde Photography

About Us
Leesh and Lu's Recipe Box is who we are.  And you are probably wondering if those are nicknames.  They are!  Leesh is Alycia, and Lu is Lindsay.  We are sisters, just 2 years apart in age. We've always been close! As kiddos we had our moments of fighting and snobbery, but now it's all love. It's so fun to have such a close relationship! We enjoy doing lots of the same things, such as: cooking, baking, eating, being with family, playing games, being outside, being involved in our church and community, crafting, (attempting) sewing, and trying to be organized and on top of life.  

About Leesh
I'm a mommy to two fun and feisty kiddos--Alex (3) and Kaia (1 1/2).  I'm married to their Daddy, who I really like and is pretty darn cute.  The most relevant thing here is that I am a person who loves to eat! (According to Julia Child, those are the best kind of people.  I couldn't agree more.) I'm a major procrastinator, I love Brinner, and am always looking for a new adventure--in or out of the kitchen.  I've moved 4 times in the last 3 years and my family and I currently live in Springville, UT.  It is beautiful here, but much too far from Lu--we talk on the phone.  A lot.  I am a major home-body.  Online shopping is my best friend and I wish I could break up with grocery shopping.  

Before full-time mommyhood, I earned a bachelor's degree in Biology from USU. Go Aggies!  I'm kinda a science nerd--but nerds are less boring, right?  I like incorporating science in the kitchen and like to question why certain procedures have to be followed in a recipe and experimenting on ways to make foods yummier and my life easier.  My life is crazy and inconsistent and sometimes I rock at menu planning at other times  I go for a few months just winging it. Offering my kids healthy meal options and encouraging adventurous eating is something that is also important to me.  I also love to help get them involved and helping in the kitchen--it keeps them from climbing my legs while I cook.  A good chocolate chip cookie is my biggest weakness, and my freezer is almost always stocked with a some.  I love sharing good food with the people I love and hope that you will find a few recipes here to share with those you love, too!

About Lu
I am a wife and mother first and foremost.  My family is my life. I've been married for 7 years, and they've been the best years of my life.  I married my best friend, Steven.  We met in a big band swing dance class in college, and the rest is history!  We have 3 kids.  Our first, Jaren, passed away after a fight with bacterial meningitis. He was just 6 days, shy of being one year old.  If you want to read about his story - we have a blog all about him.  Addie is the next child, she's a fun and vibrant little girl and we love her to pieces. Sara is our "little bean" as we call her, she's the babe of the family and has so much personality and is ALWAYS on the move. 

I have a degree in Family Finance and a minor in Personal Financial Planning from Utah State University. I've worked as a bank teller, loan officer, and  financial counselor.  I am what you might call a finance nerd.   My husband used to let me do all the finances myself, since that is what he deemed me "good at", but now we do it together, and embrace our inner nerdy selves. And it's better this way, I like that we are on the same page and both know what's going on. He's an engineer and makes some pretty snazzy spreadsheets where were we track, spend, and plan our financial future!

My love for food is kind of natural I think, we all need it.  But my love for cooking, baking, and creating comes from my mother!  She is a very talented woman, and I compare everything I make and create to what hers looks like or tastes like. My husband says "don't be so hard on yourself, she has 20+ years on you". So my dream is to one day be like her!   I enjoy planning a dinner-menu.  Breakfast is usually the same on weekdays....toast, eggs, fruit, yogurt, cereal. On the weekends we get a little fancier and have pancakes, waffles, etc.  Lunch is pretty casual around here, we have leftovers, grilled cheese, quesadillas, sandwiches, etc.  But dinner, it is something special to me, it's a time where we are going to be together as a family. So this is where my menu plan comes in - I can plan a meal that we can enjoy together.  When I have menu plan I don't always stick to it, but I have the ingredients to make what's on the list, so I can shuffle it around if I want.  This way if we have something planned one night I can start dinner early and make sure we are fed before we go do whatever.  Menu planning just makes my life easier - if I wait til 4:30 to start thinking about dinner, well, I'm just slow and it takes me too much time to get my act together.

About Our Blog
This blog began in February of 2011 as Lu Lu's Recipe Box. Just 3 months later, Leesh joined the forces and we are now Leesh & Lu's Recipe Box.  We started this blog in hopes that we could one day capture and share our favorite recipes, "tried and true", and have them all in one spot.

About the Recipes
We both love to try new things in the kitchen.  Not all new recipes we try are share-worthy. We only share recipes here that we try and love.  Our motto is, "Tried and True by Leesh and Lu".  And not just because it rhymes--because it's the truth.  We hope that you will try and love our recipes too!

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