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Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Cran-Turkey Avocado Panini

Panini's are a favorite for both our families.  Have you ever had one?  It's basically a toasted sandwich. You can buy panini presses online or in stores, or if you don't have one, keep scrolling. I've come up with my very own homemade version and it works like a charm.  We enjoy panini's for lunch or dinner at our house. They are fun to serve if you have friends for lunch or simply for familiy dinner.

What do you think of my homemade press?  I think it's pretty awesome! And I don't have another kitchen appliance that I need to make space for.  Perfect! :)

Panini's are really adaptable to whatever you like and you can use what you've got on hand.  Today's panini is one of my favorite combos yet.  I always start with a good crusty artisan bread (sourdough is great too) or ciabatta rolls.  Butter the outside - and fill with tastyness - this has: a cranberry spread, avocado, asigao cheese, spinach, turkey, thinly sliced apples, and bacon. Can I get a YUM????   Seriously delish. It has the perfect combo of sweet mixed with savory - something I never tire of.   Enjoy!

Cran-Turkey Avocado Panini

Yield: 1 panini


Ciabatta bread or 2 slices artisan bread
Garlic salt (optional)
1-2 slices Asiago cheese (or other cheese of preference)
Deli turkey or leftover baked turkey
1 small handful baby spinach
½-1 avocado, sliced
6-7 apple slices, sliced as thin as possible
2-3 slices bacon (optional)


Butter the outside of two pieces of bread, sprinkle the buttered side lightly with garlic salt if desired.  On the inside of the sandwich, spread one or both sides with cranberry sauce.  Top with cheese, turkey, baby spinach, avocado, apple slices and bacon (if desired).  Press in a panini press (or use a homemade version (pictured in post) - using a skillet, top the panini with a metal pan lid and something heavy (like a heavy bowl or two) so it will press the sandwich flat and help it get nice and grilled and melty).

Slice in half and enjoy!

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A Leesh & Lu Original, by Lu. Originally shared on

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