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Monday, January 26, 2015

Menu Monday {# 3}

It's Monday again, which means I'm sharing round 3 of my menu for the year.  This week is my husband's birthday and we have his parents visiting us from out of town.  So we're eating lots of favorites this week.  We have gluten and soy allergies to avoid with our company this week, so you should find some good ideas for meals if you are trying to avoid the same things. 

I have pictured all the recipes that I have on the blog and linked up the recipes below. Enjoy!

Here's the menu plan: 

Taco Salad - this is seriously a favorite of our whole family. My husband and I love it, and the kids love it (1 and 4 years old). And I love that it's loaded with super foods. Olives, lettuce/spinach, guacamole/avocado, meat and beans, salsa!   I use a homemade taco seasoning (which is gluten-free) and if you buy gluten-free chips most everything else that you top on the salad should be gluten free. 

Clam Chowder - this is a new recipe I'll be trying. As requested by the birthday man! I don't think I can call him a boy.  :)  It's a recipe from my aunt Lisa, and I'm going to be subbing cornstarch for the flour. I've never really had clam chowder except for one time when I was a kid and had it at a friends house out of a can.....and that was not a good experience. I'm hoping this turns out good!  I'd be ruined if I messed up the hubby's birthday dinner request. And we will be serving the chowder in bread bowls - which are not gluten free - but a must for the birthday man. :)
 Italian Bread Bowls

And he requested Lemon Meringue Pie - another thing I've never made. I think he must be testing my skills or something. :)  I've been reading tips from America's Test Kitchen on getting the perfect pie. I"ll save part of the filling in a custard dish for the gluten-free eater. 

BBQ Pulled Pork sandwiches on French Bread Rolls.  The Rolls are not GF but the meat and BBQ sauce will be.  I'll share a recipe for those in the future. We will serve this with Dutch Oven Style Potatoes and a green salad. They are baked in a regular oven, but have almost that same taste as dutch oven.  Just easier for cooking in the winter when it's cold or when you don't want to light up charcoal. :) 

 French Bread Rolls
Bulgogi - which is Korean BBQ beef. If you haven't had it - you are seriously missing out.  It's so good.  My husband and his Dad, who is here this week, both served missions for our church in Korea. So we had to do this meal for them.  It was his Dad's birthday last week - so this will be our be-lated birthday dinner for him.  

Bulgogi {Korean BBQ Beef}

And for dessert, since we're celebrating another birthday, we'll be having Mile-High Pie - a Grover family favorite. This recipe comes from my husband's grandmother and it's a keeper.  Light and frozen, creamy and strawberry. Flavors meant to be together. 

Mile-High Pie
Butter Chicken - I'm still in search of a real authentic Indian-like recipe. The kind we find in our favorite Indian Restaurant. But this one is still very tasty.  

Chili and Cornbread - two classics and two favorites!

 Classic Chili
Leftovers or whatever :)  I think it's safe to say I will have spent a sufficient time slaving away making yumminess. I deserve a day off, right?

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