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Monday, January 28, 2013

Skookies {Favorite Cookie in a Skillet}

I have a series of recipes I want to share with you leading up to Valentines Day.  I don't know how you like to spend Valentines Day, but we boycotted going out to eat after year one of being together for Valentines. The wait was insanely long, and the food wasn't worth the wait [that could have been our choice of restaurant, but nonetheless we've been staying home and making a extra fancy meal and dessert the last several years].

But before I keep blabbing, let me just tell you about a Skookie, in case you've never had one.  First off you'll want to use your favorite cookie dough. We hold partial to using a classic chocolate chip [this one is one of my favorites] or oatmeal chocolate chip cookie recipe.  But I've seen them done with brownie batter, and other cookies doughs, such as white chocolate macadamia nut.  Check our our Recipe Index for other cookie recipes.  Choose your favorite cookie dough recipe - bake it in a Skookie skillet and top it with ice cream. I can't recommend anything but vanilla ice cream.  The cookie bakes about the same amount of time as your recipe calls for. You eat it fresh out of the oven [out of the skillet] topped with a big scoop of vanilla ice cream.  We tend to keep adding ice cream as we go. There is something about hot fresh cookies that makes you need the cold vanilla to tone down the sweetness. Sounds crazy, I know!  Anyhow....

The Skookie is near the top of my husband's favorite dessert list. And since we've started a year-long no dessert/candy deal, back in October, with the exception of birthday's and Thanksgiving [oh, and we just added a new rule, that we can have it once a month] choosing a dessert is a big deal around here! Like, HUGE! We just recently celebrated my husbands birthday and he was trying to decide between cheesecake and skookies.  So naturally, I'll be sharing my favorite cheesecake recipe later this week too, and then I'll share a new creation I made in his honor to satisfy his need for Skookies and cheesecake!  So get excited, cause it's pretty exciting! :)

Do you spend Valentines at home for a nice meal or out?  Share your thoughts and ideas for making your Valentines a special night! 

And a side note about skookies:
I know that most people probably don't have these cookie skillets in the stash of kitchen gadgets, but these became really big in Utah a few years ago [my sister got 4 sets - 8 skookie pans]. The Utah based company Camp Chef, designed some of these mini cookie skillets and called them Skookie Cast Iron Skillets.  I've seen them at Bed Bath & Beyond, and obviously you can order them online directly from Camp Chef. I don't have any brilliant ideas for making these without them, but if you do, please share! Another reason I assume they became so popular in Utah was because of Firehouse Pizzeria. On their menu they used to have "Ph'zookies" - which was this same idea. Anyways, they are delicious! 

Skookies {Favorite Cookie in a Skillet}

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Your favorite cookie dough (chocolate chip, oatmeal chocolate chip, or white macadamia nut
dough are the ones I’d recommend)
Skookie pans
Vanilla ice cream
Toppings [chopped nuts, caramel sauce, chocolate sauce, etc]


Mix up your favorite cookie dough and place it in the cookie skillet, leave about 2 inches for spread, you don’t want it to overflow the skillet.  Bake according to recipe instructions and check for doneness. You’ll want the cookie to be lightly browned.  

When finished baking, top with your favorite vanilla ice cream and any additional desired toppings!


Recipe Source: Idea from the Skookie pan box - adapted with my favorite cookie doughs.

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  1. If you have ramekins or small (oven-safe) ceramic dishes they work great too! Just remember to grease them. I still love eating it out of the cast-iron skillet, but if you don't have one don't dismiss these babies, they are too tasty!!

    Also, we really like to pull them out when the dough is still a tad gooey in the middle.